We know what makes a candle burn!

So do most candle makers – its the candlewick of course! But as expert wick makers we can produce the perfect wick to match your candle production to ensure optimum, smooth burning no matter the candle shape, size, colour or fragrance.

Hayes & Finch is the largest wick manufacturer in the United Kingdom.

Based in Aintree, Liverpool, the company has been perfecting the art of wick making for over 100 years and produces over 1000 different types of candlewick.

In addition to the supply of wick Hayes & Finch supply component candle parts to the candle making industry both here in the UK and around the world. Our products include powdered wax, candle cores, candlewicks, sustainers and polycarbonate candle cases.

Consultancy & advice

Our wealth of technical experience coupled with our on-site testing laboratory enables us to support customers with a consultancy and advisory service with regard to burn testing, wick testing, product development and compatibility advice – on wick for candle production.

For full details of our complete wick range please call our sales team on
0845 450 5594 or email wick@hfltd.com

Note – Detailed analysis and research will attract charges.

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About our Candlewick

The characteristics of a candles’ wick has a major effect on how the candle burns.

The wick is generally made from cotton which is doubled, braided, treated and enhanced to suit specific candle types. A candlewick facilitates capillary action, a process by which fuel, typically melted candle wax, is transported to the flame. When the liquid fuel reaches the flame it then vaporises and burns.

It is necessary to treat the candlewick with various flame retardant solutions to avoid it being destroyed or consumed too quickly by the candle flame. Candles varying in shape, size, colour and perfume require specifically designed wicks to ensure capillary action is supported and thus creating a clean, even, smooth burning candle.

The construction of the candlewick directly affects the burning properties of the candle. Braided cotton forms the base of the wick production however, thousands of variations can be created by altering the braiding density, adding central cores of products including zinc, paper, nylon and silver: impregnating the wick with various chemicals and coating it with specially formulated covering waxes. The possibilities are endless and all achievable via our manufacturing process.

Purchase to suit your needs!

Hayes & Finch wick is generally supplied by weight.

As a standard, we supply uncoated wick on 1kg spools. Waxed wick can be supplied as a continuous length on a 5kg drum or cut to length, with or without fitted sustainers*.

For full details of our complete wick range please call our sales team on
0845 450 5594 or email wick@hfltd.com

The types of Wick from our in-house manufacturing at the Hayes & Finch factory – allows complete flexibility in production, resulting in the ability to create new candlewicks based upon individual requirements.

We constantly evaluate the market place for changes in trends such as fragrances, colours, waxes, containers, so our range is continually developing to meet with the ever changing demands. We value feedback from our customers as we believe working together is an important part of development and improvement.

Additionally, we welcome customers to our factory to see our facilities* and equally we are happy to visit you to get a greater understanding of how your production runs and what we can do to support you. The majority of wicks are produced as a flat braid or round wick, both of which can have additional filaments of cotton, paper, zinc, nylon and tin silver to facilitate support or to produce differing burning characteristics.

*Factory visits are by prior appointment only and cannot always be accommodated.

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Candle Cores

These products are designed to facilitate the manufacture of container-fill candles, making the production process  faster, effortless, and more cost effective. A core, in its simplest form, is a cylindrical block of wax with a central aperture, through which candle wick can be fed. All sizes are readily available in white paraffin wax.

The purpose of the core is twofold

Firstly – It assists in stabilising the position of the wick during the pouring or filling process of container-fill candles.

Secondly – It reduces the quantity of expensive coloured and perfumed waxes required within the given container, thus ultimately reducing production costs. 

Core dimensions

Core diameterCore height [in mm]
12mm Diameter
Available in white
30, 45 or 60mm high
25mm Diameter
Available in white
20mm – 50mm high
37mm Diameter
Available in white
8mm – 65mm high
45mm Diameter
Available in white
10mm – 60mm high
57mm Diameter
Available in white
8mm – 70mm high

Single cores are available in a variety of lengths and diameters (see chart for details). If additional height is required, cores can be stacked on top of each other. Candle cores can be used with Hayes & Finch candle wicks. Careful matching of wick to the specifications of the given candle, will ensure consistent, smooth, clean burning of the finished product.

Cores and candlewick can be purchased as separate items, or you may wish to take advantage of our wicking service, whereby your specified wick is inserted into your required core (charges apply for this service).

For full details of our complete candle core range please call our sales team on
0845 450 5594 or email wick@hfltd.com

Tapered Cores

Hayes & Finch tapered cores are ideal for use with larger shaped container filled candle products, and are available in the following sizes–

–   35mm/50mm diameter x 50mm high
–   42mm/45mm diameter x 45mm high
–   42mm/45mm diameter x 50mm high

As with standard cores tapered cores are available in white paraffin wax.

Tapered cores are not suitable for stacking.

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