Powdered Wax

Hayes & Finch offer a comprehensive range of finely-powdered waxes, suitable for use within many industrial manufacturing processes including, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, textiles and, more commonly, the candle industry.

We offer, from stock, a selection of powdered waxes with melting points between (58ºC and 66ºC), in either white or ivory colour ways. In-house production allows complete flexibility, enabling us to produce blended powdered waxes,  to meet specific customer requirements (minimum quantities may apply).

In addition, our service extends to converting customers’ own pellets, slabs or liquid wax into powdered form.

For full details of our highly specialist services please call our sales team on
0845 450 5594 or email wick@hfltd.com

Refined & Bleached Beeswax

Hayes & Finch have been blending and bleaching natural beeswax for over 125 years. Our superior quality, pure beeswax is supplied in small pellet form and is available in quantities of 1kg and upwards.

Historically, natural beeswax has been recognised as a key component in the production of quality candles, enhancing the finished product with a recognisable fragrance and improved burning qualities. In addition to candle production, beeswax is widely used in the production of polishes, cleaning products and cosmetics.

Spray Waxing

For enquiries relating to wax blend processing, please call 0845 450 5594.

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