Frequently asked questions

My flame is too large

The wick is probably too powerful – to remedy try a slightly smaller size or a cooler wick (for instance if you are using Paper or Cotton you may try Tin Silver).

The flame is too sooty

The wick chosen is likely too large for the product and you need to select a smaller size. Please bear in mind that the cause can also be the fragrance. Some fragrances just do not burn well and are best avoided.

The candle is “tunnelling” i.e. only the middle portion of the wax is burning.

1. The wick is probably too small, in order to create a larger burn pool increase your size of wick and potentially move to a hotter cotton wick.

2. It could also be that the candle has not been burned for long enough to allow creation of a full burn pool. Generally as a guide 4 hours should suffice.

The fragrance is not coming through

1. This could be because the wick is too strong and the top fragrance notes are flashing off too quickly in the heat and cannot therefore be detected.

2. It could also be that the candlemaker has not included a high enough dose i.e. the candle is perhaps not fragranced all the way through.

The flame is going out

1. The wick may need to be stronger i.e. you need to select a larger size.

2. If the container is very tall, the candle could be starved of oxygen as it burns down towards the bottom of the container.

3. The amount of fragrance that the wick is having to burn through can create an issue further down the candle and therefore a larger wick will be required
(please note this may mean a slightly larger flame when the candle is first lit, but this should reach a normal size as the candle continues to burn).

The candle burned well initially, but then started to flare

Candle “flaring” is generally due to debris in the top of the candle – any pieces of wick that fall into the burn pool during burning, may subsequently set alight and this could cause the candle to become too hot. It is always adviseable to trim the wicks prior to re–ignition.

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